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What's the Correct Term for a Women Cricketer: Batsman or Lady Batsman?

Updated: 6 days ago

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Are you a cricket enthusiast who is puzzled by the correct term to address a female

cricketer? Well, you have come to the right place! In this blog, we will delve into the

intriguing question of whether it is appropriate to refer to a female cricketer as a "batsman"

or "lady batsman." Get ready for a lively debate as we explore the nuances of this topic and

shed light on the most appropriate terminology. So, grab your cricket gear and let's dive

into the world of gender-inclusive language in cricket!

The Evolution of Terminology in Women's Cricket

Once upon a time, the term 'Ladies' cricket' reigned supreme, but as the world moved

towards gender equality, 'Women's cricket' took its rightful place. The introduction of

gender-neutral terminology in cricket commentary and coverage has played a pivotal role

in erasing stereotypes and biases against female cricketers. Shifting from terms like

'batswoman' to 'batter' is not just a tweak in vocabulary; it's part of a broader movement

towards inclusive language in sports. This historical progression, from 'Girls' cricket' to

'Women's cricket,' mirrors the growing recognition and respect for female athletes in the

cricketing world.

Breaking Stereotypes: Proper Titles for Female Cricketers

Referring to female cricketers simply as 'players' rather than 'female players' is a small

change that makes a big impact in breaking down gender-based stereotypes. Titles like

'captain' or 'coach' without any gender-specific qualifiers spotlight their achievements and

roles within the sport, emphasizing their talent and dedication. Furthermore, promoting

the idea that terms such as 'legend' or 'icon' are just as applicable to female cricketers as

they are to their male counterparts is vital for true equality. When media and fans adopt

gender-neutral language in cricket discussions, it significantly levels the playing field and

fosters a more inclusive environment for everyone.

From Batsman to Batter: Embracing Gender-Neutral Terms

The shift from using 'batsman' to 'batter' reflects a more inclusive approach in the language

of cricket, recognizing the contributions of female players. Adopting gender-neutral terms

like 'batter' helps in breaking down stereotypes and promoting equality in the sport.

Embracing these changes in terminology fosters a more welcoming and supportive

environment for women cricketers. The move towards gender-neutral language in cricket is

a step towards modernizing the sport and making it more accessible to everyone.

Why Language Matters in Women's Cricket

Language plays a crucial role in shaping perceptions and breaking down stereotypes in

women's cricket, fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment. By using positive

and empowering language, we celebrate the achievements of female cricketers and

inspire the next generation of players. When media representation and commentary

respect and value women's cricket, it significantly boosts the sport's popularity and

attracts greater investment. Emphasizing skill, dedication, and teamwork in women's

cricket elevates the status of the players and the sport itself, making it a beacon of

inspiration for all athletes.


In conclusion, the journey from 'Ladies' cricket' to 'Women's cricket,' and now to the

adoption of gender-neutral terms like 'batter,' signifies much more than a mere change in

vocabulary. It represents a powerful shift towards gender equality and inclusivity within the

cricketing world. By embracing these progressive changes, we not only honor the

incredible talent and dedication of female cricketers but also pave the way for future

generations to thrive in an environment free from gender-based biases.

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